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Strikeouts: Definitely Bad, Likely Necessary
"The top contemporaries hit the ball with enough authority that the strikeouts did not matter, giving them more runs per hit than the light-hitting contact teams. With the change in run environment ov ...
Shifts in MLB continue to spread
John Dewan's Stat of the Week (posted 4/18) looks into the rising number of shifts- to this point- in the MLB this season.

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Ugliest swing of the year?
Elvis Andrus swing rivals Billy Hamilton's for the ugliest of the year... so far!
I "almost" made it to the major leagues.  I "almost" led my team to the College World Series. I "almost" made it to my grandmother's funeral. "Almost." It can be a sad word, can't it? Some of the ...

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Free bases
Ask any baseball coach after a loss and they'll probably point out a number of reasons why their team came up short. They're even more likely to mention walks, errors, stolen bases allowed, wild pitch ...
Todd Butler: the Wizard of Wichita
Todd Butler talks about his career as a player and a coach, his journey through the SEC, and how it's gone so far with taking over the esteemed Wichita State baseball program.
Perfect Game's getting into the Spring Swing of things
In the spring of 2015, Perfect Game will be hosting its inaugural Spring Swing event at its new, state-of-the-art LakePoint complex in greater Atlanta. From February 1 through April 26, 2015, the Spri ...
3 up, 3 down
Todd Butler, Rob Smith and Mitch Gaspard talk about hottest weather, coldest weather, and weather-related adjustments
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