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The importance of catcher framing
YOU GOT FRAMED: A new metric reveals just how valuable an artful catcher who can turn a borderline pitch in to a called strike can be.
Tanner Roark and the importance of strike one
Cliff Lee. David Price. Jordan Zimmerman. Tanner Roark. They share consecutive spots on an important leaderboard, but maybe more importantly for Tanner Roark is that he’s even in the same paragraph to ...

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Player Development Philosophy
Fangraphs' recent interview with Chicago Cubs senior VP of player development and scouting Jason McLeod sheds some light on what it's like to evaluate and develop players at the game's highest level
Baseball's Black and White Issue
We've written about it before, but check out a recent article from on the lack of African Americans in baseball: ...

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Seven years later, Coolbaugh's legacy lives on
"Our mission is to honor Mike's life, promote safety in game of baseball and do things that help impact people who have suffered a baseball-related loss or tragedy," said Vilade, who helps operate the ...
Skippers Dugout has emerged as a premier source for baseball coaching job information
16-Jul-2014 this day and age of social media and internet, it was a no-brainer. I know the guys, picked their brains and started a Twitter account one night. I had 100 followers in 15 ...
Less Violent Sports Aren't Exempt: Evidence of Brain Trauma Disease CTE Found in Baseball
"How have baseball officials attempted to mitigate concussive injury risks?"
Why a Leg Kick?
...I have told this story many times and most people are surprised that he was so bold to attempt to change me and that I was so easily convinced to change. The truth is, I don't think I would have ch ...
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