Intangibles Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game—in Baseball and in Life

intangiblesIn Intangibles, you’ll find stories, instruction, and practical applications that teach players and coaches how to put forth their best mental games—portrayed through the eyes of those who have experienced those learning moments firsthand in their quests to become Major Leaguers. From a local park’s baseball diamond to dusty minor league dugout benches to the musty concrete tunnels under Major League stadiums, Intangibles meets players where they are, offering specific ways to improve performance and outlook.

Players features in the book include Brandon Moss, Nyjer Morgan, Ryan Vogelsong, Jason Bay, Adam LaRoche, Matt Capps, among others.

Whether you hope to be a big league player someday, or whether you simply want to play your best game, this book is essential for all athletes who want to learn how to overcome fear, build confidence, and develop a mental framework for success.

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“Geoff Miller has devised a virtually flawless program to assist anyone who aspires to become a winning major league player.”
—Roland Hemond
2011 Baseball Hall of Fame Buck O’Neil Lifetime Achievement Award

“Intangibles is filled with lessons and tools for helping baseball players in all stages of their development.”
—Fredi Gonzalez
Manager, Atlanta Braves

“Geoff Miller is insightful in explaining the mental aspect of baseball with real issues, simple terms and practical solutions.”
—Dave Littlefield, Chicago Cubs
Special Asst. to the General Manager
Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager (2001-2007)

“A must read for athletes looking to gain a mental edge or simply better identify their own strengths.”
—Bryan Minniti, Assistant General Manager, Washington Nationals

Foreword by Vince Gennaro, author of Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball