Texas’ Skip Johnson

skipjohnsonCoaching journey…

When I was in junior college I really believed in the process of just teaching, and in reality the relationships and the teaching part of it is probably what’s it’s really about, you know? It’s not about winning championships or any of that stuff, it’s really about building relationships and teaching. Once you build that relationship, that’s when trust comes in and that’s when you when championships. That’s what I thrive on, so when I came to Texas, I really thought I knew what I was talking about. I think God led me to the University of Texas to really understand what the pressures of pitching were.

The first year was a good year in my eyes, we had 46 wins and lost in a Regional and going through the line in the airport, the lady said “sorry about your year” and I was thinking, wow. That next year, I had the first four freshmen of my recruiting class- Cole Green, Chance Ruffin, Stayten Thomas and Brandon Workman and it was an up-and-down battle, like an ongoing saga. And these guys were pretty good. That year we go to Missouri and we’re facing Aaron Crow, who had thrown 44 scoreless innings going into that game. We take a 9-0 lead in the first two innings… and end up losing the game 31-12. They’re firing me in the paper all year and I’m thinking what’s going on? The next day we get beat 11-0.

I probably got about four hours over the sleep that weekend. I get home at 11:27pm and cry out, “Lord, what do you want me to do? What am I here for?” On Monday, our off day, I get a call from Steve Foster, a buddy of mine who’s now the pitching coordinator for the Kansas City Royals. He asked me to read The Traveler’s Gift, and after that Golf’s Sacred Journey. So I did. In two weeks. And I changed everything I did.

Pitching philosophy…

I think when a kid goes out to perform, he does so in three areas- READ THE REST