From the Bleachers, Fall 2014

Rob Manfred (Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

Rob Manfred (Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

Will Pete Rose be reinstated?

With Rob Manfred set to become baseball’s new commissioner in January, Inside Pitch took to social media to ask, ‘what would YOU do if you called the shots?’

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@insidepitchmag end All-Star game determining World Series home field advantage.
Chris Miller @CoachMiller12

@insidepitchmag make the schedule 120 games. Every game would mean more. Players stay healthy. Pitchers have longer careers.
Mike Stawski @MikeStawski

@insidepitchmag Pete Rose to the HOF
Matt Marziale @recball43

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Inside Pitch magazine Arrange for minor league players to live above the poverty level.

Boycott opening day ticket sales in protest for the reinstatement of Pete Rose and his ban from the HOF!!!! UNIFY in the effort!!!!
-Ryan C. Perrigoue

Reinstate Pete Rose
-Shane Smith

Move the Cubs to Montreal…
-Dave Willis

Reinstate Rose. It’s a shame that the greatest player isn’t a part of the game.
-Trent Seitzinger

Remove the home field advantage rule from the All-Star game.
-Jason Gilmartin

Let Pete Rose back in!!!!
-Larry Farris

Do away with the Designated Hitter.
-Ken Bourne

Let the best hitter of all time, in the hall of fame!! Reinstate Charlie Hustle!!
-Brad Amber Vaughn

Get rid of instant replay.
-Charles Davis

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