From the Bleachers, Summer 2015

“I am a native of Arizona and a huge fan of the Sun Devils. Just wanted to say that Tracy Smith did a great job with our guys in year one and I’m excited to see him continue to build up our program in the future!”
-Pamela Pointer

Our interview with Tracy Smith is online at

“I am a college baseball enthusiast and I don’t like the new hit by pitch rule. To be honest, I didn’t even notice that much had changed watching games this season. To me, it should simply be a question of whether “the ball hit the batter” or “the batter hit the ball.” Leave it up to the umpires!”
-Joe Jones

Check out “New Approved Hit by Pitch Rule Could Change Approaches” online at<!–more–>

“Loved the article on speeding up the game. I think that baseball should be aware of the changes in our ‘need it now’ society and I like the subtle changes that college baseball has made, with the pitch clock and in-between innings time limits. I’m not as big a fan of the MLB’s replay system; it’s not guaranteed to get every call right and I think the process just adds “standing around” time that the game doesn’t need!”
-David Smithwick

Here’s “The Need for Speed in Baseball”

“I think that we’ve seen the height of the defensive shifts era. I know that we have more stats and data in the game than ever before, but there’s a reason why the standard positioning has been around for more than 200 years, with defenders set up equidistant from one another throughout the field. Keep it simple guys!”
-Beau Peterson

“The Shift is On” is available online at

“I don’t think that it’s reasonable to change the timing of the season in college baseball. The reality is that it would be way too expensive to pay for housing and meals once the school year has ended. For most programs it would be an insurmountable expense.”
-Todd Williams

“Change Up The Season” is online at