Frame by Frame: Anthony Rizzo

For this edition of the eCoach breakdown, we decided to use Anthony Rizzo, one of the stars of the defending world champion Chicago Cubs. Rizzo has been one of the game’s best young hitters for the last four years but after a clutch run through the postseason, he has officially established himself as a star!

Part of the process of going from young stud to established star is to become more competitive and do more damage with two strikes. Some noticeable adjustments that Rizzo has made over the years is to get closer to the plate and choke up on the bat. Getting closer to the plate allows him to cover the outside corner easily and choking up provides more barrel control and a shorter path if the ball runs inside.

Let’s take a look at a swing from earlier this year and see how Rizzo makes a pitcher pay who tries to go in with two strikes…

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